Relationship Management

Valentine’s Day is coming soon and a happy relationship always makes for a healthier body. Here are some some great suggestions from author and psychologist Dr. Linda Edelstein

I have made many observations during my 27 years of counseling couples and individuals. There was a classic cognitive psychology book entitled, “Love is Never Enough.” It was a great title. But, if love is not enough to insure a relationship’s success, what else is involved? Here is one idea that my patients consistently find useful. 


Briefly and practically, being a team means:

1. The 2 of you are on the same team. Your problems are on the opposing team.

2. Players become expert in different, complementary positions. Not all team members are 3 point shooters.

3. Winning teams have no weak players. Everyone has to work hard.

4. Help each other, watch each other’s back, don’t foul each other. The opposing team (problems) will do that mischief.

5. Remember to appreciate your teammate’s talents. You bring different skills to the game.

6. Like all teams, you win some, you lose some. Sometimes one player messes up but don’t let the anger, guilt or disappointment prevent you from playing the next game. It’s a long season.

7. Shower together and don’t forget to pat each other’s bottoms.

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