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Giants Love Acupuncture

Giants Love Acupuncture

Maybe the giants in fairy tales didn’t love acupuncture, but certainly the SF Giants do. I’ve told you about many reports of athletes turning to Chinese Medicine, particularly acupuncture (check out some of my posts about the use of Chinese Medicine at the Olympics). Now, the SF Giants’ team acupuncturist has given an interview to Acupuncture Today (8/09, V10 #8) and it is a good read.

Haro Ogawa, MSOM, LAc, CMT, ATC, treats baseball players, NASCAR drivers, and basketball players. Giants’ success this year has been due, in large measure, to Ogawa’s 46-year-old star client and future Hall-of-Famer, Randy “The Big Unit” Johnson who is using acupuncture for the first time this season.

David Groeschner, head athletic trainer for the Giants, told Acupuncture Today that Ogawa’s work with the players has been great. “The players love him and love the treatments. In our game, we are out there every day, so the players get sore and banged up. They definitely get back into the game more quickly because of his work.”

You can read the entire interview with Ogawa here

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