Donald vs. Hilary: Chinese Face Reading Revelations

The Great Face Debate of The 2016 Election

This campaign has been a surreal experience for many of us. The analyses have gone on around the clock, but before the presidential contest comes to a close, I have one more – certainly more unusual – analysis to share.

Chinese Medicine has a long tradition of face reading. That is, ascertaining character traits and the state of one’s health from facial features, and we have seen a lot of our candidate’s faces.

You can check out the face reading I did for President Obama here.

I’m not weighing in on either the issues or the tactics, but personality has been a central factor, Physiognomy (the technical term for face reading) has a lot to say about one’s basic tendencies. Since character has overshadowed issues, I thought you might enjoy a Chinese face reading of the two candidates.

One basic premise in Chinese face reading is that we focus on the dominant features to assess both the health and personality traits of the subject. Since “no one respects women” more than Donald, we shall say “ladies first” and begin with Hilary.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary’s hairline is round, a trait that indicates someone who enjoys good friendships and keeps many of her old friends.

Also her large forehead, is seen in people who are thinkers. The larger the forehead, the more thoughts going on (indicating her well known intellect, perhaps). However this trait can also lead to over-thinking (seen in her non-casual demeanor?).

Moving lower in the face, Hillary’s eyes show many of the key differences from those of Donald’s. Secretary of State Clinton’s eyes are deep set, meaning she is private (we have seen this repeatedly over the years) and only gets emotional around those she trusts, and she does not trust quickly.

However, her eyes are not too close together which allows her to see the bigger picture (an essential trait if she becomes President).

Her eyes are round and rather large which tells us she possess the qualities of openness and sociability, not to mention a strong sex drive.

Adding to the idea that Bill is not the sole sexual being in their relationship, Hilary also has a deep philtrum (the vertical groove just under her nose), another sign of a higher than average sex drive as well indicating longevity.

Hillary tends to have puffiness under her eyes. In Chinese Medicine, this is called Spleen qi deficiency, but for those of you not in the field, you would be safe to say that she probably needs more sleep, better fluid circulation and is over-thinking things.dreamstimefree_5875536

Donald Trump

Donald has thick eyebrows that tend to slant upward. This is a sign of someone with a lot of energy and determination. Watch out Melania, because this also indicates a person who can dump someone quickly and without ceremony (let’s ask Marla Maples).

Below those bushy brows, Donald has very small eyes indicating a more conservative person who is not social.

Unlike Hillary, his eyes are not deeply set and are relatively close together. These are signs of someone who is sensitive (we know this is true when he is criticized), pays attention to detail and may also hold certain things back (hmmm, hard to believe).

Ahhh, his famous hair! Because there are no public photos of any other hairstyle, I was unable to ascertain his hairline, but his forehead does look smaller than Hillary’s which suggests fewer long friendships and thoughts.

Here’s the surprise, Donald’s philtrum is relatively flat, a sign of low sexual energy. If this seems to be at odds with everything you’ve been reading, let me share an exclusive quote from an experienced clinical psychologist:

“I’ve been struck by the nature of the sexual allegations against Donald Trump. They consist of groping, kissing, and attempts to humiliate women. This smacks of a desire for power and domination, not a desire for sex.”


Looking at his overall facial appearance, he is often red faced (even without the fake tan) showing a heated personality that reacts quickly. It usually also means that a person angers easily, a quality we’ve all noticed.

Just when you thought they had nothing in common, here are a few similarities:

Both candidates mouths’ turn downward when at rest, suggesting some unhappiness or resentment within them. Narrow lips, a trait both share, reveal a narrow band of emotions. Donald and Hillary both have ears set close to their heads indicating that they both plan ahead, leaving little to chance.

And, you thought I couldn’t find common ground. Next, I’ll work on peace in the Middle East.

*2nd 2 photos credit to dreamtime.com

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