Chinese Face Reading – President Barack Obama

Chinese Physiognomy, commonly known as Face Reading, has a 3,000 year history. It has been used to help practitioners of Chinese Medicine to diagnose their patients’ imbalances. Today, many people use Face Reading to learn more about themselves and others.

First, let’s look at President Obama’s entire face. It is a very well balanced face; his features are matched and no single feature is excessively prominent or outstanding. This indicates a balanced person. Looking at Obama’s individual features, we see a large upper lip which means he is a giving person. Contrast this with former Governor Blagojevich’s lack of an upper lip. ( to read more about the former Governor’s face, click here. )

President Obama has an interesting square hairline, slightly receding, which signifies determination. His deep philtrum, the indentation above the upper lip, indicates healthy kidneys and reproductive/sexual interest. Obama’s thick eyebrows suggest that he is more of a big picture guy than a man involved with details. Finally, his large ears stick out and that feature signifies that he is a person who tells you what he thinks. Also, the top of his ears are higher than his eyebrow line which indicates his intelligence, especially in academics.

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