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Summer, Fire, Joy, and Cooling Foods

The Chinese medicine element associated with summer is, not surprisingly, fire. The fire element is special because it provides that spark which inspires love for others as well as enthusiasm for new ideas and perhaps even an adventure. Summer is the season of the year that is most yang. High yang means heat, maximum activity,: Read More

Posted By: tcm007 on June 22, 2018

How to Decide When Organic Produce is Worth The Extra Money

Organic fruits and vegetables can be expensive and I pick and choose the ones I buy. The big factor that influences my decision about buying organic produce is the level of pesticides used in their production. Organic produce contains fewer pesticides. Pesticides are a problem because: *Pesticides can accumulate in your system. Most of us: Read More

Posted By: tcm007 on June 24, 2010


Strawberries are at their peak now and will remain so through July. In addition to being an appealing valentine-shaped fruit that you can eat fresh or in pies and desserts, strawberries are good for you in special ways. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) terms, strawberries are cooling in nature which make them the perfect summer: Read More

Posted By: tcm007 on June 22, 2009