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Category: Celebrities and Cupping

What is Cupping???

Let’s start with a quiz: A. Cupping is an exotic cooking term from Thailand. B. Cupping is men’s attempts to protect their private parts. C. Cupping is an ancient technique that involves using cups on the skin, creating suction to enhance circulation, relieve pain, and provide many other benefits. Correct answer: C (I really hope: Read More

Posted By: tcm007 on March 18, 2015

10 Celebrity Acupuncture Fans

1) Jennifer Aniston – Has made many headlines, and a couple of them have involved Chinese Medicine. She is reportedly a fan of both acupuncture and cupping. 2) Matt Damon – A few years back, after Matt was spotted with ear needles, his rep admitted that, “Matt had a terrible spasm in his neck/back and: Read More

Posted By: tcm007 on June 14, 2013

The Celebrity Family That Has Cupping Together...

Gwyneth Paltrow’s husband, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin showed off his cupping marks this week when he worked out in London. It was hot in Primrose Hill so the singer removed his shirt to reveal Gwyenth’s influence – the remains of round marks indicating a cupping treatment. I’ve said that it is good for stress –: Read More

Posted By: tcm007 on April 29, 2013

Jennifer Aniston Steps Out With Cupping Marks

Jennifer Aniston received a great deal of publicity yesterday – no, not for divorcing Brad Pitt or marrying Justin. More unusual, the star was photographed with ‘circles on her back’. These circles, unknown to some in the US, are marks left from cupping an ancient technique of Chinese Medicine. Cupping involves having glass or plastic: Read More

Posted By: tcm007 on April 18, 2013

Latest Celebrity Round Up Of Chinese Medicine Fans

Celebrities attract a lot of attention and become trendsetters. When well known people endorse a product, many others are happy to try the same exercise, read the same book or experience acupuncture. And celebrities are loving acupuncture! More and more, I read articles about various athletes and entertainers who are trying acupuncture, herbs or cupping.: Read More

Posted By: tcm007 on January 6, 2012

Jessica Simpson "Loves" Cupping

I Just found this article US magazine did last year about Jessica Simpson. Apparently she  spent some time doing a “clean” diet (yes that sounds suspect to me too, but it’s what SHE said). During this period she experienced cupping therapy and loved it, so whatever her diet I am glad Chinese Medicine has another: Read More

Posted By: tcm007 on September 20, 2011

Cupping Is A Popular Trend In Hollywood

Cupping fans continue to pop up all over Hollywood. Gwyneth Paltrow , Victoria Beckham and now Denise Richards have all shown off their tell tale marks. Last month the U.K. paper The Daily Mail published photos of Denise in Malibu, wearing a strapless maxi dress and cupping marks on her back. She gave the camera: Read More

Posted By: tcm007 on September 23, 2010

Cupping: How Gwyneth Paltrow Got Her Spots

Do you remember when Gwyneth Paltrow showed up at a premiere with Cupping marks? Well here is an article all about how much Gwyneth loves TCM and some good information on Cupping. I often use Cupping in my Chicago practice for a variety of ailments; including muscle pain (it’s wonderful for relieving many types of: Read More

Posted By: tcm007 on November 18, 2008