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In Honor of Thanksgiving: 4 Health Benefits of Cranberries

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have much to be thankful for, I know I do. Cranberries are a staple of many traditional Thanksgiving feasts. For as long as I can remember, we have had a terrific cranberry bread (made by my mother) that is always my favorite. This post should convince you to indulge in: Read More

Posted By: tcm007 on November 23, 2017

Great News For Coffee Lovers

A very recent study found that ‘moderate’ coffee drinkers (1-2 cups a day) have 26% lower odds of developing colorectal cancer. The risk is reduced up to a 50% when the coffee intake is more than 2.5 servings of coffee daily. This included decaffeinated coffee. This data comes from a large study conducted in Israel. There were: Read More

Posted By: tcm007 on April 17, 2016

3 Healthy Green Foods For Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick’s day is here and I hope everyone has a fun celebration! For those of you who would like to consume something other than green beer, here are three healthy food suggestions from the website the Worlds Healthiest Foods. Broccoli Like other cruciferous vegetables, broccoli contains the phytonutrients sulforaphane and the indoles, which have significant anti-cancer: Read More

Posted By: tcm007 on March 17, 2016

This Chicago Acupuncturist Loves Ginger

“Drink Ginger tea” this is one of the most common suggestions I make in my Chicago acupuncture practice. Don’t underestimate ginger just because it isn’t the fancy favorite of TV Chefs. Ginger root is a common herb used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (the Chinese name is Sheng Jiang).   Ginger’s rhizome (the underground stem) is: Read More

Posted By: tcm007 on November 19, 2015

Acupuncture Can Reduce The Side Effects Of Breast Cancer Treatment

Acupuncture is a wonderful complementary therapy for patients undergoing treatment for breast cancer, both during treatment and after. A diagnosis of breast Cancer turns your world upside-down and the medical procedures used to combat the disease can produce difficult and painful side effects. In fact, some women discontinue treatment because of the side effects. However,: Read More

Posted By: tcm007 on June 3, 2015

Valerie Harper's Strategy For Dealing With Cancer - Western Medicine, Hard Work, Positive Attitude, and Acupuncture

At age 74, actress Valerie Harper recently competed on Dancing with the Stars and hopes to return to the stage soon, despite her ongoing battle with cancer. She is inspiring and discussed her strategies for coping when she appeared on the Queen Latifah show. In discussing her treatment, Valerie has chosen to combine Western medicine: Read More

Posted By: tcm007 on November 8, 2013

Acupuncture Reduces Many of Cancer Treatment's Harsh Sides Effects

The American Cancer Society has reported, “1/2 of all men and 1/3 of all women in the U.S. will develop cancer during their lifetimes”. Those are frightening statistics. Although there are many forms of cancer, all start similarly with abnormal cells that grow out of control. Unlike other illnesses that your body defeats naturally, cancer: Read More

Posted By: tcm007 on December 25, 2012

Acupuncture Relieves Fatigue Caused By Chemo

Acupuncture has been shown to be effective at managing chemo-related fatigue and improving the quality of life for patients. On October 29th, the Journal of Clinical Oncology posted the results of a new study completed in the United Kingdom. This research found that acupuncture relieved the crippling tiredness that afflicts more than 40% of breast: Read More

Posted By: tcm007 on November 5, 2012

Acupuncture is Becoming Mainstream Care For Cancer Patients

This week NBC’s Nightly News with Brian Willliams featured a report by Dr. Nancy Snyderman about the benefits of alternative therapies, including acupuncture, for cancer patients. Some highlights from the story are;  “A 2010 University of Pennsylvania study found that 70 percent of comprehensive cancer centers offered information on complementary therapies on their websites, according: Read More

Posted By: tcm007 on October 17, 2012

Mayo Clinic Finds Ginseng Reduces Fatigue in Cancer Patients

Debilitating fatigue occurs in the majority of patients battling cancer.  So, it is nice to hear about research utilizing the benefits of Chinese herbs to relieve exhaustion among the sufferers of this disease. In this recent study, 340 patients who were undergoing or had completed treatment for cancer received a placebo or 2000 milligrams of: Read More

Posted By: tcm007 on June 11, 2012
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