5 Great Things To Do In Amsterdam

The street I stayed on in Amsterdam

I have another post in the works about my recent trip to Amsterdam. Exploring such a beautiful city, made me acutely aware of how much traveling helps me to be in the present moment.

However I am back in Chicago now and the concept seems harder to write about. So I decided to get this post up first.

I hope you get to visit Amsterdam, it is an enchanting city. These are my top 5 inexpensive dining and activity suggestions.

Please add your favorites in the comments.

One of the many houseboats

1) Wander with no destination. Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands, it has more than 100 kilometers of canals and 1,500 bridges.

Explore the twisted streets, the town squares, discover hidden cafes and checkout the houseboats that line the canals.

I spent hours walking the city and it was by far the favorite part of my trip.

*Be sure to watch out for the bike riders, they go before cars and pedestrians!

Lavinia Good Food Cafe

2) Take a Canal tour it’s lovely, a different view of the city and you can learn some history about Amsterdam. Frankly I think it’s a must in a city built around boats and canals.

3) Eat at Lavinia Good Food it’s a small cafe I found and yes that is the name. I managed to go there 3 times, because she really does have good food and it’s healthy!

I highly recommend the Chia seed pudding, the banana pancakes and the ‘Golden Milk’ (rice milk – tumeric – agave – cinnamon – ginger).

My favorite meal -Breakfast! This includes 2 meals at Lavinia good food and the strawberry pancakes I shared with Helen.

4) Eat pancakes! Amsterdam is known for their delicious and varied pancakes. While Lavinia’s are very good, a stop at a restaurant devoted to pancakes is just delicious.

I had the pleasure of being taken to one of the best places, by a fellow acupuncturist Helen Van Langeveld.

Acupuncturist Helen Van Langeveld









5) Go to the Van Gogh Museum. It has the world’s largest collection of works by Vincent van Gogh, as well as a lot of interesting information about the famous painter.

*Be sure to get tickets online, in advance so you can avoid the lines.

The Van Gogh Museum

I love to travel and have adventures. What are some of your most memorable spots?

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