Acupuncture Can Cool Down Hot Flashes

A new study shows the benefits of acupuncture for relieving menopausal symptoms. The report, published in the journal Acupuncture in Medicine, found that acupuncture reduced the psychological and physical effects of menopause. The research included …


Treat Yourself, Help Others

  Join Us on Thursday, March 24th, from 10am – 4 pm at 325 W. Huron Street. We will be happy to provide and demonstrate some of our services as we raise money for The …


Celebrity Chinese Medicine Enthusiasts

When you and I have a great acupuncture treatment, we tell a couple of friends or family members. When celebrities have success with this ancient technique, their publicists tweet thousands of fans and the media …


Relationships That Go Bad, Slowly

By Dr. Linda Edelstein, who has a wonderful blog, Life Ain’t For Sissies. Remember the story about the frog in the pot of water? No? Here it is…Put a frog in a pot of water …