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Archives: May 2009

Acupuncture Can Help Pets

This article is from by Jacques Von LunenMay 05, 2009 The two people in the small treatment room practically squeal with delight when Scooter tries to jump up on a little bench. What’s so special about a bouncy dachshund-mix trying to get up on the furniture? Not that long ago, Scooter couldn’t walk. Half: Read More

Posted By: tcm007 on May 31, 2009

Drug Court Requires Acupuncture Treatment For Addicts

Albuquerque, New Mexico has had a Drug Court since 1997 and acupuncture is a part of the treatment for some offenders who have between two and five alcohol- or drug-related convictions. The goal is to help offenders overcome their addictions. Acupuncture eases the symptoms of withdrawal, helps them relax, and stick to the drug program.: Read More

Posted By: tcm007 on May 28, 2009

Martin Luther King Jr. On Taking The 1st Step

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

Posted By: tcm007 on May 27, 2009

What Are The Best Foods For An Anti-Inflammatory Diet?

In my Chicago acupuncture practice I often recommend that my patients include anti-inflammatory foods in their diet. Anti-inflammatory foods help reduce stress,pain and of course inflammation in the body. This post is from The World’s Healthiest Foods a great resource for information about healthy food choices. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids are considered anti-inflammatory.: Read More

Posted By: tcm007 on May 26, 2009

Women Turn To Acupuncture To Conceive

This Article is from The Washington TimesBy ASSOCIATED PRESSMay 24, 2009 HAGERSTOWN, Md. (AP) | Kelly Morton, 37, of Hagerstown, said she and husband Jason wanted to give their daughter Meredith, 6, a sibling. But after nearly three years of trying to get pregnant and suffering through several miscarriages, Mrs. Morton said she turned to: Read More

Posted By: tcm007 on May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Posted By: tcm007 on May 24, 2009
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Acupuncture Provides Relief For U.S. Soldiers and Veterans

This post is from BUSINESS WIRE 5/20/09 –In wake of the recent tragedy of an American serviceman gunning down fellow troops in Baghdad, a 3,000-year-old medicine has emerged as a remedy for soldiers dealing with the psychological impact of war. Free community-style acupuncture, provided by volunteer-based organization Acupuncturists Without Borders (AWB), has been the relief: Read More

Posted By: tcm007 on May 22, 2009

Anger, The Wood Element and Chinese Medicine

This Post is by David TuckerFrom his blog The Zen of Healing Being Clear With Anger…. According to the theory behind Classical Five Element Acupuncture, each of the five elements has a particular emotion related to it. The emotion of the Wood Element is Anger. First let me say that all five of the emotions: Read More

Posted By: tcm007 on May 21, 2009

Paula Abdul Uses Acupuncture For Pain Relief

Well it’s down to the wire for the popular show American Idol. In a recent interview Paula Abdul not only talked about who she thinks will win, but also mentioned her use of acupuncture! Check it out… Paula Abdul On Adam Lambert’s ‘Idol’ Chances & Getting Herself Off Medication Access Hollywood – May 5, 2009: Read More

Posted By: tcm007 on May 19, 2009

Do You Want To Change The World?

“Let him that would move the world first move himself.” Socrates A Classical Greek Philosopher Probably his most important contribution to Western thought is the method of inquiry, known as the Socratic Method. The influence of this approach is most strongly felt today in the use of the Scientific Method, in which hypothesis is the: Read More

Posted By: tcm007 on May 18, 2009
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