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How Acupuncture Works

This article was posted Dec 30, 2008  and is from MADISON (MedStar) For more than four thousand years, the Chinese have used acupuncture to treat many ailments, like pain, stress, and even, addiction. Today, many doctors continue that practice because it works for many people. Here’s one success story. Gaylon Jones knew that getting his strength: Read More

Posted By: tcm007 on December 31, 2008

My Thoughts on The New Year and Being a "Thelmette"

When I was little, my family used to visit Grandma Chickie and Poppa Jack in North Bergen, New Jersey. For me, it was heaven. My grandmother served my favorite foods (during one visit I gained 7 pounds) and Uncle Benny made houses out of playing cards with me. To make it even sweeter, my great: Read More

Posted By: tcm007 on December 29, 2008

Acupuncture and Menopause

By: Diane Joswick, L.Ac., MSOM Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom: Creating Physical and Emotional Health with Acupuncture. With the right diet, attitude, and Oriental Medicine menopause can be a time of a revival of energy and an opportunity for personal growth–one that surpasses the hormonally driven period of adolescence.What is Menopause? Menopause is a transitional period: Read More

Posted By: tcm007 on December 27, 2008

Indigo Ointment May Help Treat Patients with Psoriasis

An ointment made from indigo naturalis, the Chinese name is qingdai. A dark blue plant-based powder used in traditional Chinese medicine, appears effective in treating plaque-type psoriasis. Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease for which you can get relief and remission but no cure. A report in the November issue of Archives of Dermatology says,: Read More

Posted By: tcm007 on December 26, 2008


Merry Christmas!

Posted By: tcm007 on December 25, 2008

New Government Survey, 38 Percent of Adults and 12 Percent of Children Use Alternative Medicine

On December 10th the The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine put out a press release. Stating that Approximately 38 percent of adults in the United States aged 18 years and over and nearly 12 percent of U.S. children aged 17 years and under use some form of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), according: Read More

Posted By: tcm007 on December 24, 2008

Santa is Coming.....

Posted By: tcm007 on December 24, 2008

Acupuncture Eases Low Back Pain

This important finding appeared on WebMD Health News on September 24, 2007 – Acupuncture proved to be more effective than conventional lower back pain treatments in a new study, but it was no more effective than a sham needle procedure. The German study compared outcomes among 1,162 patients with chronic low back pain treated with: Read More

Posted By: tcm007 on December 23, 2008

Moxabustion (Moxa)

Using Moxabustion (Moxa) in Traditional Chinese Medicine is a common practice. This technique involves burning the herb known as mugwort a safe distance from the skin to warm an acupuncture point. The Moxa plant, in Chinese is called Ai Ye and is made from the wool of the Mugwort plant. Moxa creates a comfortable sensation: Read More

Posted By: tcm007 on December 22, 2008

Status of Acupuncture Research

NCCAM, a division of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), has been responsible for grants to investigate acupuncture’s benefits. Universities and private clinics have been conducting research on the validity of the many anecdotal claims. They have studied acupuncture’s value for a wide range of conditions. NIH’s statement on early research, prior to 1997, said: Read More

Posted By: tcm007 on December 22, 2008
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