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The Lesson Of Autumn

The Lesson Of Autumn

Let it go! How many times a day do you say that aloud or silently to yourself? Quite often, I bet. I certainly do. Letting go is not easy, but at least in Autumn you have nature on your side. According to Chinese Medicine, the Fall season is the time to let go. In this season, nature releases its abundant creations of the past year and marks the end of the growing season. The harvest has passed and leaves turn brilliant colors before falling to the ground; everything is laid bare. Nature is constantly showing us about the cycle of creation and letting go: yet so many of us try to defy the cycle and hold onto what we’ve collected. So take a look and see what you no longer need or want in your life and release it now. The time is right!

This season, teaches us an important lesson; we have to release the waste, harsh attitudes, and fears in order to uncover all that is meaningful and possible.

So I challenge all of you reading this blog (and myself) to make a daily practice, of asking yourself/myself ;), “What am I unnecessarily holding on to?” or “What can I let go of today?”.

Let me know how it goes.

Posted By: tcm007 on September 22, 2011
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October 15, 2011, 10:12 pm
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